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Bucket List and Adventures

✔ Check out a Car Show
In July 2019 I attended the Annual SpeedShow in Auckland, NZ on behalf of my work. It was amazing! So many gorgeous cars along with some crazy ones. Had a great time running our stand, meeting new people as well as people who I have talked to a million times on the phone but have never meet (a lot of “wow you’re a real person not just the voice on the phone or the computer sending me an email”) Love working in the MotorSport world!


✔ Attend an Awards Ceremony
Each year (since 2008- missing only one year) I attend the MotorSport NZ Champions Awards Ceremony/Dinner.  Its a stressful night for me as I am working but a good night to celebrate the Champions of NZ MotorSport and eat some great food. We have held this at a few different locations including Te Papa.


✔ Dye my Red Hair
In April 2019 I finally did it…I dyed my hair ‘Manga Red’ and made some people go “What the F***” next time they saw me…I loved it but due to the up keep and nasty bleach needed in Sept 2019 I went back to being a Brunette…but it was fun while it lasted.

Red Hair

✔ Meet a Celebrity
Have met a few over the years…mainly at Comic Con/Armageddon such as Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica), Mark Sheppard (Supernatural) and Jeremy Renner (Avengers).


✔ Get a Tattoo
To date (Oct 2019) I have 8 tattoos…my two latest ones include “I’m going on an Adventure” in Elvish which I got just before I went to Hobbiton and the other is a matching tattoo with my Husband representing our Wedding Day- I love You, I Know with the Jedi symbol and the date 27.11.2016- Yes we had a Star Wars themed Wedding.

✔ Get Married to the love of my life
On the 27th of November 2016 at Wallaceville House in Upper Hutt my Love and I were finally married…Star Wars style!


✔ Name a star
Our Valentines Day gift to each other in 2016

✔ Fright Night
An SPCA Wellington Fundraising night where they put on a great show for us…they are located in one of the most haunted buildings in the city so was perfect for them to put on such an event…The ‘Fever Hospital’ was first used to house ill returned servicemen from the First World War. At the same time the hospital housed patients suffering from scarlet fever, measles, influenza, and chicken pox and later housed patients suffering from other epidemics including polio…now its just full of cute little animals who need a home

Fright Night
✔ Go to the Circus
In 2017- My first and only circus to date…a great show


✔ See a Ballet
Have now seen 2…one was in 2016 and was a take on the Wizard of Oz and the other in 2017 which was the more classical Swan Lake

✔ Eat Something weird
Sour Cream and Chive Crickets weird enough? They weren’t actually too bad…very crunchy

✔ Attend a Movie Premiere
The Dec 2015 Midnight Premiere of Star Wars Episode VII…didn’t actually get to start watching until after 1am as the cinema were so unprepared for so many people attending

✔ Go Ice Skating
In 2015 I finally hit the ice…and when I say hit I mean I ended up on my back up against a wall LOL…but my Love being from Scotland was skating circles around people

✔ See Disney on Ice
So much fun!

✔ Experience a Lunar Eclipse
And Blood Moon all in one…May 2015

✔ See a Burlesque Show
Empire- this was amazing!

✔ See the Terracotta Warriors
During the Xmas holidays in 2018 when the Terracotta Warriors were on display at Te Papa

Terracotta Warriors

✔ Go to a Rock Concert
I am not much of a concert person but did check out AC/DC when they were in Wellington in 2010.


✔ Take cute photos in a Photo Booth / Go on an Arcade Date
A perfect date day with my Husband


Protest something I strongly believe in
In October 2019 on the front lawn of NZ Parliament I helped Protest with the NZAVS and SAFE against animal abuse, mainly the treatment of rats in the forced swim test for human medication.


Take a Romantic getaway with my Husband
We love a good holiday and since Nov 2019 have take 2 together…both NZ Road Trips.


Visit Stonehenge
On 31 Oct 2019 (yes Halloween) we stopped of at Stonehenge Aotearoa. Its so interesting and to top it off the Mustang Club that were there at the same time as us had a member break out his bagpipes and play the NZ National Anthem.


Walk on a black sand beach
When stopping to check out the seals on the way to Cape Palliser I realized the beach was black sand…alot easier to walk on it the chilly air that when I used to go to Raglan in the peak of summer.


Stay in a Boutique Hotel
We stayed in Featherston for 2 nights at the Royal Hotel…NZ Steam Punk Style. I plan to one day recreate the bathroom in my own house.

Royal Hotel

Complete a hedge maze
A quick stop on the way into Rotorua to AMAZEme…great fun


See wild penguins or seals in the wild
While we were driving to Cape Palliser on our Wairarapa Holiday we came across a seal on the beach. After the photo below was taken we realised there were a whole bunch of them sunbathing on the near by rocks.



Write a Haiku

Streamline my wardrobe and donate what I don’t need to keep

Complete a course online

Have a Thrift shopping day

Find a personal mantra

Learn another language (enough to say hello, thanks & maybe curse words)

Create my dream sandwich
Write down my fears and tackle each one
Take an Art class like pottery
Donate blood and find out my blood type
Go camping (Glamping preferably but outdoors with tent would be fine)
Commit to a cause and really rally for it
Eat proper sushi- Not just from the local store where I get a 6 pack of salmon roll
Go to the movies all by myself
Ride a horse (as I haven’t since my accident in 2001)
Go on a Hiking day…somewhere new
Get organized (filing, hard drive, music and photo collection, etc)
Get my Drivers licence and finally gain my independence
Go to a restaurant/café alone and have a full meal
Have a relaxing Spa day
Dine at a 5-star restaurant (or the equivalent in NZ as we don’t really do stars)
Try indoor rock climbing
Grow a plant (from a seed and not kill it)
View a Drive in/Outdoor movie
Watch every movie and show on my watchlist (Netflix and IMDB)
Bake someone a beautiful birthday cake
Go on a cruise
Tie dye something
Carve a pumpkin
Start a fire like on Survivor
Give Yoga a try
Create a signature dish
Go Fishing…and eat my catch if that’s possible
Cook a traditional dish from a different culture
Go on a Double date

Make candles (and maybe sell them)
Write my story…no need to publish it though
Get healthy…for me this is 50kg lighter and in control of my Hashimotos
Build an epic sandcastle
Reconnect with an old friend

Polar plunge…just cause I’m crazy
Participate in a charity run/walk
Read a banned book
Make recycled paper
Walk a suspension bridge
Hold a snake
Travel outside of NZ (as I haven’t since 2008)
Have my make-up/hair done by a professional
Have a professional Photo shoot with my Husband
Take a fun fitness class
Shoot a gun (at a target- not a person)
Dress up and have a fancy High Tea
Sponsor Someone or Something
Pan for Gold
Water gun fight
Pick an Author and read everything they have written
Bake a pie from scratch
Read a life changing book

Attend a Religious Event
Relax in a natural hot spring
Wear fake eyelashes
Go Wine Tasting
Ride in a gondola
Attend a themed party
Get VIP passes to a show
Make a homemade beauty product
Gamble at a casino…and hopefully win
Eat a raw diet for a day…or more than one day if its good
Try sake
Pay off a loan (Currently have more than one)
Volunteer my time for a charity or community group
Learn how to make pasta at home
Host a dinner party (not a kid’s party with saucy covered finger food)
Toss pizza dough in the air
Make a model car
Feed a giraffe
Have a Mani/Pedi session
Make an herb garden
Do something adult…like purchase a fridge or something
Complete the Rory Gilmour Reading Challenge
Tick off each film on IMDBs top 250 films
Learn the Thriller Dance (cause its awesome)
Stand under a waterfall
Attend a seminar/public talk…preferably a free one
Go off-roading
Walk on a glacier
Find the perfect black dress
Make mosaic art
Learn to Hula
Create a family logo
Make a Flower arrangement
Hit the town with bright red lips
Try cupping therapy
Wear Fake eyelashes
Play twister…preferably with paint
Attend a horse racing event & wear a funny hat thingy like at the Melbourne Cup
Create photo evidence of an adventure…that never happened
Hit the Farmers market and cook with new fruits/veggies
Learn to meditate
Cosplay for a day
Sew something
Finish my tattoos
Go to the zoo at night
Make a time capsule
Play Laser tag
Give Paintball a go
Go on a Scavenger hunt
Set up a creative ice-cream sundae bar in my house
Cook a 5 course meal
Try archery and hopefully don’t hurt anyone
Race some Go-Karts
Hit an Amusement park for a day
Complete a massive puzzle (like 5k pieces or something)
Really learn how to use my fancy camera
Digitize all my photos/memories
Complete an escape room
Complete an adult colouring book
Make bread…that is edible
Go on a Train ride…for more than an hour…more like a day or overnight journey
Learn more about Wiccan
Create my own holiday and celebrate it every year
Do a Pin up style photo shoot
Cook a full Thanksgiving dinner
Milk a cow
Run a marathon or complete a tough mudder (as that seems more fun)
Read 10 classic novels
Watch 10 classic movies
Have a fancy picnic in the park
Master 5 new recipes
Go to the Opera or a Broadway Musical
Let’s go fly a kite
Watch the sunrise and sunset over the ocean (not necessarily on the same day)
Go dancing
Complete a big project (like my emergency kits)
Send beautiful handwritten letters
Try a tanning bed
Scuba dive with an underwater camera
Save up $5000
Take pole dancing or burlesque lessons
Go Whale watching
Go to a comedy show
Spoil myself with something lovely…and pay in cash
Climb a mountain
See the stars
Explore my city (Wellington, NZ)
Redecorate at least one room in my house
Make a snow angel
Try origami
Form my political opinion
Join a club or group
Make my Family tree
Discover my style and stick to it
Find my passion
Be more green…like less plastic, recycle more, etc
See a roller derby match
Learn to use chopsticks
Soak in a natural hot spring
Work out my all-time fav list…I love too much stuff!
Start and conquer a new video game (that is not LEGO)
Get something waxed
Work out my own Eat, Pray, Love
Update our Last Will & Testament – Cause you need to stay on top of these things
Catch up on (and stay on top of) my photo books
Drive on a race track
Completely reinvent myself
Quit a bad habit
Learn sign language
Get something monogrammed
Have an ultimate girls brunch date
Learn to take care of my car (change tyre, oil, etc myself)
Get a proper psychic reading
Ride in a Rally car
Organise my recipe collection
Have a drink at an ice bar
Take a long drive by myself
Try haggis
Get my chakras aligned
Drink straight from a coconut
Have a meal at a rooftop establishment
Try caviar
Build a huge LEGO model
Invest in something…even if its small and silly
Do a Whole30
Learn a new software and really use it
Explore a shipwreck